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Need info on vintage generator/welder

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  • Need info on vintage generator/welder

    Hello! My son picked up a Hobart set, powered by a WW2 4 cylinder Jeep engine (I'm assuming surplus). The data plate lists Amps at 200 (or 220 maybe), volts, and serial number 5CW-20870. Type MB. SPECS I believe is 1013B (hard to make out in the pic). Trying to learn about it, and it's history, and maybe any documentation. No paint remains on the outside, so it's hard to figure out what color it was originally, and what market it was made for. As I would expect, the engine has OD on it, and it turns out the battery box and the radiator have OD on them as well, but my limited research had me thinking the ones used by the military were powered by 6 cylinders, so I was expecting a different color. It is mounted on a skid, which I haven't seen much of online. Of course, being a Go-Devil 4 cylinder, all it needed was wiring repair and tune-up to fire up and purr like a kitten. Haven't struck an ark yet (the carb needs rebuilt), but it's definitely making power. But it'll work, old things always do.

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    Check your email. The unit was built Dec. 1947 and was not sold to the military.


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      That is awesome. And thank you for the manual! Any hope of being able to find a radiator cap to fit it? That is the only thing that is missing.