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Champion 16 auxiliary power

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  • Champion 16 auxiliary power

    My 1996 champion 16 has 8k auxiliary power. Is it clean enough to power a small inverter welder?

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    I have a Trailblazer 301G (2002), it will NOT operate either my 185TSW or TD 51 plasma. Both will start normally, but then immediately quit. It doesn't trip breakers or anything, just won't operate them. On the other hand, both plasma and inverter work just fine plugged into my Lincoln Commander 500s or my Ranger 250. I did not damage anything trying to use them on the 301G, so maybe it would still be worth a try on your Hobart.
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      Inverters run just fine off my Lincoln 305G. If I cant run inverters off the hobart I will get rid of it as it does not weld worth a crap anyway.