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Hobart 10000 champion issues

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  • Hobart 10000 champion issues

    I recently purchased a used welder/generator and had to immediately buy a carb, fuel pump, and replace all the fuel lines. After I got it running and got the idle set, I notice that it will not idle up very high but will come up from idle a little. Idle for the engine is 2200 rpm and power is 3700. I am guessing it comes up to about 2500 - 2700 rpm. The idle solenoid tries to kick in but moves very little. I assume this is bad. I am also not getting power to any of the 110 plugs for the 220 plug. I pulled the cover today and exposed the board and all the circuit breakers. I check power on all the connections at the breakers and no power. A couple of times while running in the run position it sounded like the generator was trying to kick in but would fully engage.
    Could anybody point me in a direction that might help. I am not great with electronics so please speak in small words lol. I will try to post some pictures and video of this machine if I can figure that out.
    Here is some of the vitals on this machine.
    Circuit board has an assembly # 197691
    Engine model CH20S SPEC NO. 64635

    Thanks for any help, Kyle

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      The solenoid on the engine will pull to idle and release for high RPM which maintained by the engines internal governor. Check for DC voltage across the brushes when running. Should be about 15Vdc at 3600 RPM. If no voltage check from each brush to chassis and see what you get.


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        Keith, I did all three checks with the circuit board unplugged. I got zero on all three. Do I need to plug the board in for this check and take a chance frying the rebuilt board? I just got it back from York.
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          Ok, I just did the same 3 checks with the board plugged in. Each terminal to chassis checks zero. Plugged in across terminals is roughly 120 volts DC. Still no power to the electrical plugs or across the breakers. I am seriously confused now.


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            Where did you get the 120? What terminals?