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Looking for info on old Hobart welder

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  • Looking for info on old Hobart welder

    I'm wanting to get it running and welding again. Found it in a barn at an auction.

    It will run and turn over by filling carburetor with gas but fuel pump is junk. It has a Chrysler flathead 6cyl but not sure where to start looking for parts any info would be much appreciated

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    Very cool! I enjoy old projects like that


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      My Dad had an old Hobart back in the day but not exactly like that one. It sure could burn some rods big time! Wish I could help you out on parts and info but unfortunately I can not. Hope you get it up and running! Good luck!
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        Alex, check your email for a manual. Engine information however will not be listed as Hobart never supported the actual engine.


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          Thanks for the manuals Keith theyle be very helpful.

          I found some numbers on the engine and its a 230 industrial Chrysler engine. Then found a new fuel pump on eBay. See what happens after its replaced.


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            Good old 300A DC only machine. Bulletproof and simple in construction. You can get anything you need over the counter not relying upon anything "specialty" for the electrical, or engine for that machine.

            Make certain the rear bearing rotates easily by turning the crankshaft by hand and listening to the bearing. That is probably the most neglected thing with these old engine drives and if it freezes up, will put the machine down and not be worth repairing.
            Thanks for reading/listening.

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              I have same wielder, 4 cylinder though, ill sell you the wielder


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                I'm trying to post a new topic for an old Hobart RC-200 MIG welder but I don't see how to do that. Sorry to barge in on this thread.Any suggestions on how to do that. Is my access blocked because I just joined today?


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                  At the list of threads in the specific forum that applies (probably the one on MIG welders if there isn't one about old welders - we have way too many and most of us just use "New Topics" and read only subjects lines anyway), there should be a small blue box that says "+ New Topic".

                  PLEASE, for the love of all that is good and holy in this world, use a specific subject in the subject line. We have countless "Help!" threads. We have countless "I have an old Hobart" threads. The subject line should contain the specific model number and the basic question.