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New project, possible G-213

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  • New project, possible G-213

    I purchased a couple of Hobart gas welders, one is powered by a Wisconsin V4 and the other by a Wisconsin THD. Both are very similar welders and both were missing engine parts but I decided to try to resuscitate the THD model. Neither welder or engine have a data plate. In order to test the welder I have to replace missing parts on the engine and repaint the sheet metal. Upon removing all the sheet metal I decided to vacate the dirt dobbers and replace most of the wiring. ALL the connections were rusty so now I have the machine disassembled down to the short block and generator and removed from the cart. New wheels and castors while I'm at it! A wiring schematic was made during disassembly.
    My THD has a starter and a generator with distributor. Is there any way to determine exactly which machine I actually have? The machine model (G-213) was determined by internet search for pictures.
    So, it looks like I'm going to do a complete rebuild before I can even crank it up and see if the welder works! So far, I have not been able to locate a service manual nor wiring diagram. Any suggestions where to look?

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    Without the data tag it will be hard to get an exact manual. Do you have any pics of before you disassembled?


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      I have the manual that covers both the TJD and THD with a distributor or mag. I also have the G 213 manual tho it's pretty skimpy for info. I can Email them to you with a PM'd Email add.


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        Don I have a g-213 that I purchased this year. They are really smooth welders but prone to issues with the AC output. The Wisconsin engines are pretty much bullet proof, provided you have clean fuel and carb. The 4 cylinder you have is probably a G-254. Have seen them on the internet. I think they put out about 250 amps compared to 200 for the G-213. Keith from Hobart was the only one able to give me info.