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champion 10000 low output power

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  • champion 10000 low output power

    I have a champion 10000 with 110 hrs it runs great idles normal powers up and down. When you weld it will weld some what with a 6013 rod when you try with a 6011 it doesn't have the power to burn it. Tha Aux. side when you plug 220v it sill start to run a air compressor the looses power. The 110v plugs will run a skill saw, grinder I havent loaded the 110v any more than this but I suspect if I were to load it down it will loose power also. Any help here would be greatly appreciated.
    Also while machine is running with no load the CB4 breaker pops you can reset it and stays in for a bit and pops.

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    If CB4 pops then you will not be getting full power from the generator. You have a short somewhere in the internal generator or control board. Check the resistance of the rotor-should be 18 ohms. Be sure to remove wire 26 from the brushes to make that check. If that measures OK check the wire 26 removed to chassis ground- should read open. If shorted your control board is bad. If that is OK check the SR2 control rectifier for a short.