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G-400 or G-300 Thermostat?

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  • G-400 or G-300 Thermostat?

    Hi all,

    Does anybody with a G-400 or G-300 Chrysler Slant six powered unit know what temperature engine
    thermostat it uses? 160, 180, or 195 degree? The last owner of my unit apparently had overheating
    problems and ditched the thermostat before he finally had the radiator re-cored, but didn't replace the 'stat.

    My only clue is that the Chrysler Industrial H-225 engine manual that should come with the unit ( I have a
    1971 engine and found 1965 and 1982 manuals cheap on ebay ) and they both mention warming the engine to
    160 degrees before setting the valve clearance, which should mean 160 degrees is operating temperature.

    180 degrees is standard for automotive 225 cu in engines, so I'm wondering why the difference?


    Jim T.

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    If it was mine I would put a 180 in it and if there are no issues leave it in.


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      Originally posted by lars66 View Post
      If it was mine I would put a 180 in it and if there are no issues leave it in.

      I found a 1962 vintage Chrysler Industrial H-225 H-170 Maintenance Manual cheap on E-bay,
      160 deg is standard ( they start opening at 160 and are fully open at 180 deg ) and 180 deg is optional
      ( fully open at 200 deg ) so I'll go with the 160.

      I also figured out the last owner had the wrong pressure cap on the radiator. The neck on this one is
      around 1 inch deep and uses a Stant # 10206 ( also fits a 1953 Studabaker ). If you try to use a typical
      automotive cap which fits a roughly 0.75- 0.8 inch deep neck, it doesn't seal ( which might be the reason for the overheating in the first place. )