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  • generator problem

    I have a Hobart welder that is about 15 years old, but has only about 75 hrs of run time on it. It is a "Champion 16" as I recall. It has a Kohler engine. The engine on the unit runs like a top (that's good), but the generator will not put out any power at all. Is there something that can go out on these generators that I can check; an exciter, diode, or something like that? I have quite a bit of experience with electrical work if someone has some experience with generators. Please call 760-264-3027 if you want to share some knowledge with someone that needs some. Thanks.

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    I had a Miller and every time I wanted to weld or have 115 volt power I had to flash the field. The problem ended up being the brush holder lost it's ground where it bolted to the frame. I unbolted it shined it up a bit with a file and bolted it back and it worked. There should also be fuses you could check as well that's under the cover; I belive. When you have the brushes out check the commutator with the ohm meter to make sure the rotor is not shorted out. If you can't fine the problem over the weekend I am sure the Hobart guys will stop by Tuesday.
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      I had a similar issue with a "non-working" weld/generator that I purchased. Fixed it for under $10 with a rectifier. Hobart Expert Keith was the one that helped me. Great guy! Its the weekend, might have to wait till Monday, but there are great people here that WILL help you. I'm an electrician myself, so troubleshooting is within my ability. First thing, does it pass the "sniff" test? Burned electrical components have their own smell. Do you have the ability to "ring-out" the components? Usually dont need much more than a DMM to do this. Do you know how to ring-out a rectifier? I have one for these.
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        Generally, generator and welder are separated wiring. You'd better use meter to check the stator output, of course, you should have wire-diagram. It is sure that Hobart can offer you some advices.
        Here is some sample test, check the fuse, cable, and socket.

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