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Help with erratic voltage output on a Ranger 8

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  • Help with erratic voltage output on a Ranger 8

    I have this ranger 8 that will put out 115v at the outlet when unit is started but then begins to flucuate from 30v - 110v. If the auto idler is on it will stabilize at about 80v when the idle slows down but when you bump it with any load it begins flucuating again this is at high idle even if you put it in the high idle posistion with switch. I checked my slip ring and it is getting 32v when at low idle and the voltage to it flucuates from 2v- the mid 20s when on high idle. My question is could this be a capacitor problem or does it sound more like the pc board causing an issue? any help would be appreciated. My board is a l8484-3 and cant seem to find a know good sample to try.

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    It is usually a moving part that is subject to wear and the only part like that is the slip rings and brushes. You could be getting fooled only looking at the voltage on the brushes. When the contact is bad, the voltage will be high. I would replace the brushes and polish the slip rings before looking at other possibilities.


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      Well I checked the brushes and the resistance through them as directed by a lincoln tech. and they appear to be good it looks like ive got a board issue and have the schematics on it now to thanks to lincoln so im going to try to diagnose it further this weekend thanks. It took a while sand some persistance but the technical help from lincoln is great just slow because they are poretty busy guys.