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Information 1987 Mega Arc 350/375 ? W/G

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  • Information 1987 Mega Arc 350/375 ? W/G

    I am new to this forum. I am looking at buying a Hobart Mega Arc welder/generator that the guy says is 1987, 375amp, AC output ?, and on wheels. He is asking $350.00 without accessories or cables and the generator has no output, the welder has little to very reduced arc. He claims it needs the PCB repaired, the engine runs good, has been rebuilt, and I have seen the engine (fairly clean, no leaks) but the unit looks a bit rough. I have been unable to find out anything about these units and would appreciate any information, direction, and opinions if this might be worth while. I am a hobby welder and need to weld some fence panels out in the field.

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    The Mega Arc was part of the industrial product line aquired by Thermal Arc. You can contact them at 800-452-2782, if you would add a location to your profile it would make it easier to recommend a service shop in your area that might be able to help.


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      Bill, Thanks for the response I will update the profile! Do you have any idea if this cost seems out of line for an item like this welder? I am of an electronics background, but have not worked on one of these machines. The guy said it was working 2 months ago and just stopped welding on a job they were working.


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        I would check with one of the following

        Cox Equipment, Indinapolis 317-241-8881

        C & M Welder Service, Celina OH 419-584-0008