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Opinions on a used welder

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  • Opinions on a used welder

    Saw this ad for a welder. I would like to be able to offer my customers onsite welding repairs when they pop up. I saw this machine for sale locally for $1300. Before I go look just wondering anyone has any initial thoughts about it. The only description is 10hp 5000wts. Be nice to have backup power at home too.

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    I'm not trying to rain on your parade, but you asked for thoughts. My first one is that the welder is OLD. It might work okay, but it's old. As far as portable, it is, but I wouldn't use that trailer with tires like that. They look like wheel barrow tires to me. If I were shopping for a portable welder/generator, I'd hold out for a used Miller Bobcat or something similar. My $.02 worth.

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      Have to agree with Jim-TX. If you could get it for $400-500 it would be one thing. But for another $700-800 you could get a good used Bobcat, Lincoln Ranger or Hobart Champion. A buddy just picked up a used Ranger with something like 800 hours on it from a rental fleet for $2300 and it looks brand new.


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        Thanks guys. A little rain now and then can be good. I was wondering about the tires myself. They look more like they are set up for use around the farm. I appreciate the input.


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          Trailer hitch and trailer looks like it is for a tractor to pull around the farm or manufacturing plant.