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Hobart Bill, please provide mod/spec #

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  • Hobart Bill, please provide mod/spec #

    I have Hobart 350 amp welder generator built in 1992 for the US Military. It has a Perkins 4-236 eng S/N 92w804949. The Weld unit is NEMA Class 1 350 amps, max cycle volts 100 cc40/cv34. Aux Power 120 V ac, PH 1, 60 Hz, 40 KVA.

    Can you please provide the Model number and or the Spec number for this welder so that I can find some manuals for it. Thanks

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    I am adding some additional info

    I found some info on a similiar machine, but it is only 3 KVA on the generator power. It's Model number is DCC-353-P with a spec number of 28835. Does anyone know any info on my machine? I think the milirary manual for it is TM 9-3431-266-14&P-1 and/or -2. I am adding some pictures if it helps. I have more numbers of the welder itself but nothing that Hobart Lit can use to find info.
    Thanks Benn


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      The closest we would have to your unit would be the DCC 353 P
      Spec. 6020B-001. We do not have any of the manuals for the Military
      unit. The spec # on the unit was the gov. contract number and the only manuals produced were the military tech manuals that you have listed. The manual set included two 3" binders. The only place I know of that might have a set of manuals would be C & M welder service at 419-584-0008.


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        Thanks Bill

        This helps put alot of things together, because I have no shortage of numbers, but I don't know how they relate to one another. I will let you know what I find.

        Thanks again.....Benn