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Engine oil for Miller Big Blue 500D? Deutz engine...

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  • Engine oil for Miller Big Blue 500D? Deutz engine...


    My company recently bought a Miller Big Blue 500D welder, powered by a diesel Deutz engine. Its time for first oil change. What type of oil is best for this thing? Its spec'd to use CD/CE/CF4 oil. This is used in Alaskan outdoor winters, being cold started at all temperatures (minus 45 won't stop us...)
    15w40 oil sounds too thick, but I cant find any other oils that are CD or CE spec. CF4 is discontinued.

    Any thoughts?

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    Here are a few thoughts...

    Regardless of brand, I'd definitely go with a full synthetic to ensure lubrication as soon as possible after start up.

    Interesting read...

    An API CF-4 rated oil can be used in place of the API CD and API CE oil.

    In reality, the use can be broader, but things like longevity and lubricity in the applied environment may suffer.

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      How about Mobil-1? They have a 0W-40 in the CF category for Diesel service. Plus is should be easy to get.

      I'd be more worried about using the proper weight and regular servicing. You may call your local CAT/John Deere/CASE/etc dealer and see what they use. Your 'local' construction dealer should be selling something appropriate for your market.

      Don't be afraid of the house brands. All the equipment on the family farm uses John Deere (or CASE) 15w-40 and we have engines with 6000+ hours on them.


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        Looks like we decided on using Mobil 1 Delvac 5w40, full synthetic. It has a good pour point at the lower temps and seems like a good all around diesel engine oil...

        Thanks for the suggestions!