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Info on ole' Hobart I just bought

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  • Info on ole' Hobart I just bought

    I've been reading the all the threads about old Hobarts and thought I would joint the boards. I 'm impressed with the amount of expertise! I would like help getting some info on mine. I'll try to attach pictures. It is a Hobart GB-318 (I think) or GP-318 it has an IND-30, type 117, Chrysler Industrial Engine Flat Head 6 cyl (Serial # 42746), the block is 23" in length. Anyone know where I can find out what year, original color, part info etc,etc? Thanks

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    ole' Hobart

    I think it is a late 50's or early 60's . I have one that is slitely different . I belive the orignal color was a dark red or maroon .
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      the welder was painted a very light green.The insterment panel on yours shows the factory color.