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generator not running steady volts

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  • generator not running steady volts

    I have distroyed 2 switches one on a dewalt drill and the other on a milwakee hole howg while having it hooked up to my hobart 250 . Is this a common problem or am i just stuck using another generator to power my tools, i have a porta band that i use all the time with no problem yet. Is there a product I can hook between them to prevent this problem. the parts man said the generator does no keep up constant volts and that destoys the switches. I really don't want to add another generator. THANKS

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    Do you have the fine set on hi? Some machines require this for aux power. The Hobart should power those tools several times over and is likely a better genset than other cheaper units unless something is wrong,,,, did you measure it? I would also hook some load to it and take measures.


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      You don't mention the model of hobart you have. The older ones put out a DC voltage instead of the more modern AC at the outlet. The variable speed controllers on the power tools will be destroyed if running on DC. However the brush type motors in these tools will run nicely on DC. So check what power you have and plug in the approate tool.


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        I think he has AC, hence the different outlets, says he has 230 on it.