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    Well, I bought something I really have NO need for at the moment but I'm sure I can invent a need at some point in the future to help justify the cost Found a fellow on a local CL that had a Miller 12VS voltage-sensing suitcase feeder, in nearly new condition. Trouble was, he was 90 mi away and had no way to demonstrate the machine. As it turns out, after talking to the fellow on the phone, he was going to be passing within 1 mi of me today, so we made a deal over the phone and I went and met him today and picked it up.

    It's all but new, and has a Tweco Weldskill 250A gun on it. He wasn't a welder, so had no use for anything that was in it and I got an almost new 44 lb spool of .035 Pinnacle wire with it too, which is what, another $70-$80 worth of filler.

    The machine seems to operate perfectly, but unfortunately I can't say the same about my Bobcat NT. I'd never had cause to try the CV settings on this machine before, and apparently they don't work. When I set the selector to CV, the voltage is pegged about 26 volts and is not adjustable. CC seems to work fine, as it should since the BC stick welds fine. Now the joy of new toyhood is being tarnished by having to troubleshoot the OLD toys lol, oh well. Some pics of course, I love pics.

    Trailblazer 302 * Millermatic 212 * Syncrowave 180SD * X-Treme 12VS Feeder * Spoolmate 3035
    Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 52 Plasma * Lincoln 175 MIG

    Victor Superrange II * Victor Journeyman

    Hobart HH 125EZ

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    sweet. nice find


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      That is in perfect shape, Zrexx. That was a good find to be sure.

      Go Spurs Go!!!!!!