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    I have a chance to buy a Champion 16. It had an Onan P218 engine, but the guy needed the motor for a more important project. He wants $100 bucks for the welder. It's a Mig/ Tig/ arc combo I'm told. My question is, could a guy power this unit with an electric motor and if so what size? Thanks in advance, AZ

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    I believe you could use an electric of approximately 7.5 hp.


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      Originally posted by gatkeper1 View Post
      I believe you could use an electric of approximately 7.5 hp.
      I know torque curves are different for electric motors/gas engines, but I'm curious how you arrived at that number since it's less than half the design horsepower?

      To the original poster, it's not really what I'd call a "MIG/TIG/arc combo," it's primarily an engine drive SMAW source. However... you could add a tig torch with a gas valve and do scratch start TIG on DC. And you could add a HF starter box and conceivably do some AC aluminum. And you could add a suitcase feeder and do wire-feed processes from the CV setting. But it's not really a "combo" machine in that as it ships it's ready to do only one thing, and that's stick welding.
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        Electric to gas or gas to electric. Yes the torque curves are the difference, and so is the HP rating. Gas engines are rated at peak HP Electric motors at continuous HP. From what I have read you need a 2.5 - 3x factor to find the equivilent replacement. 7.5 hp electric x 2.5 = 18.75 hp gas. Now finding a 7.5hp 3600 rpm electric is going to be an expensive option. Probably $700.00 + plus making an adaptor bearing support end plate and an input shaft to drive the rotor would not come cheap. I would find another Onan first.


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          If the welder is in good condition it might be worth installing another gasoline engine, that way you would have true "portability".


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            I am all for used equipment but this screams,,,, more effort than its worth.


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              AND,,,,,, you have no way of knowing whether the welder itself actually works, until you've spent all the money and effort .....
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                Where abouts are you located? I'll bet I could find a hundred dollers worth of good parts on it. If he's close to me, maybe I'll take it off his hands.

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