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Hobart CorG251 No Spark

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  • Hobart CorG251 No Spark

    I have a friend who picked up a free welder. He has the engine running. The brushes werent seating as the springs were froze. Everything go sprayed with WD 40 and I loosened the springs so they are putting pressure on the armatures. He gets power to the 110 but has to force the idle speed up. There is not power at the output lugs.

    No wires inside appear to be eaten through but there was a nice rat nest in the bottom. Is there a way to check the generator end uin the machine with a multimeter ?

    That old motor was tough. The spark plugs were being tapped down on 3 of 4 cylinders and it was running a bit rough. He changed the plugs and it ran MUCH smoother but had run it like that for an hour or two.

    Title should say "C" or "G" 251
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