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    I recently bought a ranger 8. Used it a couple times and everything worked well. I went to use it yesterday, the motor came on but i couldn't get any power from the leads or any of the power outlets. If anyone has any ideas please post them. Im hoping its a small quick fix. thanks

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    If it hasn't run for a while Cycle the start/run switch a few times then try it again. The flashing voltage to the board comes off this circuit, it may be corroded, or perhaps your brushes are stuck.


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      Ranger 8

      Hooter, Is your starting battery charged good, One time I had to jump start my Ranger 8 (low battery) it didn't have any output. I thought something went bad? any way I recharged the battery while checking other things, restarted it with its own battery every thing is well again, called an Lincoln repair center & the guy there said it needed the 12volts to excite the generator, so maybe check your battery & battey connections. Dave F.