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Hobart Titan 8 combo welder / generator CC/CV $400

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  • Hobart Titan 8 combo welder / generator CC/CV $400

    Edit: I'm sorry, I thought I was posting in the for sale section.
    Well, I figured I should get my Hobart Titan 8 combo out of the garage and let it run for a while and change the oil and what not. I only use it to power my house when the power goes out and I havent ran it in a couple of years.
    Well I drained the old gas, added fresh gas and it started up but then after about 10 sec it started to smoke ( exhaust ) and then stopped running. After some messing around for a couple of min. I pulled a plug and it was soaked with fuel. I dried the plugs and put them back in and it started right up but then did the same thing and loaded up on fuel. Also I noticed fuel dripping from the bottom of the carb. SO, I think the float is stuck and flooding the plugs and also filling the carb. It never did this before and I don't want to mess with it.
    It has ac / dc , CC / CV
    18hp Kohler
    Located in Dearborn Heights, Michigan 48125
    This pic was posted by a member here and mine looks a lot like it. I'll try to get actuall pic's
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    If I was closer I would jump on that, pulling the float bowl off isn't that big of a deal. Done all the time on small engines.


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      Rap the float bowl with the handle of a screwdriver. If that doesn't get it, take the bowl cover off and hit it with some carb cleaner spray. Any time it sits like that and the fuel evaporates, the needle valve likes to stick. If I was anywhere close, I would buy it in a heartbeat.


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        The right way to fix that is to clean the entire carb, not just the bowl. Use a can of carb cleaner, compressed air and small diameter wire to clean out small orfices. The time spent will be well worth it. Like already mentioned, it's not that big of a deal.


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          Good advice to anyone that has engine drives, limited use tractors, lawn mowers or any other gasoline equipment that doesn't get used regularly. Use a gasoline stabilizer such as Stabil or one of many others. Most gas is now 10% ethanol and oxygenated and will turn to gunk in about 6 months. I've had good luck with Stabil. Once I got the inch of water out of the gas tank on my Hobart and rebuilt the carburator I've had no problems even sitting for 6 months at a time.