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  • Titan 8 Combo

    I have a Titan 8 Combo with a 20-HP Kohler that I am fixing up. As the new owner, I discovered it had ingested a small screw via the air cleaner intake that took out the #2 piston. I washed the engine innards out with a bug sprayer filled with kerosene, installed new pistons, rings, good used jugs and heads, and a new carb and it runs like almost new. I also repaired the idle speed controller and installed a 12 volt mechanical relay to drive the idle solenoid so it wouldn't fail ever again. It runs great but now I am worried about replacing the alternator brushes should they ever go bad and I wonder just who actually made the alternator. Did Hobart make it or were they supplied by Onan...??? Also, I saw a Hobart Titan Welder decorated with stickers of the Warner Brothers Tasmanian Devil holding a welding rod and torch. Where can I get some of these stickers...?

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    Nice unit. I doubt Hobart made the alt. I bet they are common, probably google one right up.


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      Contact Miller electric for the brushes. Part # 408896 About $ 15 ea.


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        Thank You...!!!

        Thank you about the info for the brushes...!!!
        DO you know what I can't get over...? The price of iron...? I bought a sturdy six foot piece of angle iron from Lowes and it cost twenty dollars. My dad and I used to haul this same stuff to the dump by the pickup truck load. A piece of sheet metal no bigger than 2x3 was over thirty dollars. I need to shop around for sure and I probably need to go back to dumpster diving again.