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Plasma Cutter to portable generator?

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  • Plasma Cutter to portable generator?

    I guess it’s been a while since I posted. Can’t believe my account is still up. I’ve got some projects coming up and I decided to buy a cheap plasma cutter. It cuts fine on 110v but it can run 220v. I decided to hook it up to my portable generator with the twist lock plug and use a 6-50R adapter.

    I flipped the plasma cutter on, everything for 220v lit up correctly. I dialed it up for 20 amps and hit the trigger.

    The generator immediately died.

    I’m guessing there’s a problem with a bonded neutral trying to run a 3 prong plug in a 4 prong outlet even with the proper adapter. Anyone have this problem before? How did you fix it?

    I pulled out my multimeter and didn’t find any shorts in the adapters, so I’m guessing it’s the generator setup.

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    First thing I would be suspicious of would be adapter.....

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