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The new welder circuit

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  • The new welder circuit

    We have always over wired for small wires in the past, Its near an obsession and takes a little bit to get a grip that we worried about some cords and wires, cost ourselves money and labor at the time. My first mentor did that at the expense of a lot of other as important stuff.
    But the welding world has changed and the new class of welder is here its revolutionary and a blessing. I been thru it, wich I could have ran a 1/8 lo hy with a 15# machine cost 300 and weighs 15#.
    I wish Hank J was with us, he was an old timer seen it all and understood it by instinct. He had wired 10 cable welder circuits for years and when it came up and applied he said, there are other ways but getch u a piece of cable and wire it to the outlet for the busser and plug it in.
    Mac, here and on Miller is electrician, I think his trade is sparky but I bet he really a welder at heart mention this,,, 100 ft 12 cord and lots off 120 anymore. Probably more familiar with welder circuits than most sparkies are and bet similar to my own experience can never remember seeing a legit welder circuit burn up, maybe never a recept even?

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    So, the common advice among other things is every welder outlet nned number 6 wire today just in case when a guy buys a new 180 inverter. Just in case. My just in case margin is a chunk of 10 if I got it but the way I see it is,,, cross some of the bridges if it should come to that. Nothing technically wrong with upsizing 2 or 3 tiimes, I have, I do it when its free, would do it in anticipation of additional panel spaces but a chunk of 12 to a 30A breaker works too and if a guy just cant help himself to get a 300 or even more rubust 50 machine can install a circuit if he can stand to do a few minutes work twice even. Every once in a while a guy like Louie is going to abandon a 211 for a 266 but this isnt a guy gonna ask about a circuit and willing to tailor omne for significant new purchace..
    No reason not to put a convenience 30A circuit in for these new machines. A guy is serious he likely going to end up with more than one outlet anyway.


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      I was going to look up the old IM210 and see what/how they spec the circuit for it? That was an in between model used the cord from a stickmate. The single V models still do If they are even made anymore. The difference in the old IM and a compact is fundamentally the duty cycle, might be a bit of voltage but it is 40%, the input current being relatively the same. They list a larger wire than a compact but how they come to rate the breaker is the same class as the new 210,
      The language on a compact in the manual lists 30 with 14 wire but doesnt elaborate that if wire is bigger allowed on circuits to 50, common welder outlets been there since they invented them. I never understood how they came to that breaker rating since the machine is compatible with any buzzer legal circuit, a buzzer at 48A at 20% and this 25 and 40%, both even come with the same cord.
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        This gets in to part of the qualified installer. Some of the machines, all the stuff that comes with a 12 cord can plug in to a legal welder circuit, there ios a minimum wire for 50A. Reason they say qualified in your new 252 is the installer is sposed to realize he is plugging in a heavy machine and that there are exceptions to wire size so he sposed to verify the circuit.
        As for some what if,,, somehow some minds greater than myu own figure out this isnt so much a problem for reasons most e3lectricians probably understand. Current spikes before overheating if appliued load is too great, not sure about the dynamics of it exactly but all this been code forever and over the years have been curious as since there is some common belief to the contrary as to really how dangerous this is?
        As I have mentioned elsewhere had a chance to seminar a little with this and I ask room full of insprctors how many fires cause by welder outlets or compressor wiring, 2 most common pieces in garage. Not a 1 anyone can recall. Actually about 1/2 the 5 in the country wired by current instead of hp and on 10 cable 30 circuits. Seen several 3 hp 12 cable work for decades, and even a 5 on a 14 cable 30 breaker in a garage,

        Whats neat about the new is a common 12 wire 30 circuit is adequate and it doesnt have to be a gut wrenching savings plan to power modest welding anymore. The old DC buzzer is good, I got a modern machine but I use the old 1 with big old wire I already have with leads I already own with connectors I already got to service already installed.
        If I had to start over tomorrow would be with a 160 stick inverter and a 210 compact feeder and 3rd machine wiould be a 140 before I take a dialarc or synch if someone gave them to me. Different if I was going to open heavy equipment shop,,, (which I actually have to some extent) but if I want more poop than a 1/8 lo hi I am grabbing a feeder and its really so rare for me and mostly out of position that no easier and better way than I do it.


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          I could buy 10 more machines, one for the best for each thing and not make a nickel or save an hour. In the end didnt do anything I did today couldnt be done with a 6011.