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need help on how to replace motor on 1977 hobart 300

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  • need help on how to replace motor on 1977 hobart 300

    I can't fgure out how to disengage the motor from the welder part. I cant find any instructions any where.Any help would be great.

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    Remove the fan cover that is between the generator and the engine.
    Look at the outside edge of the generator cooling fan.
    You should see bolts that extend through the fan into the flywheel of the engine.
    remove these bolts, rotating the assembly to access the next bolt.
    I think there may be 8 bolts.
    this disconnects the generator end from the flywheel.
    next, block up the generator to support its weight, then remove the bolts that hold the generator adapter housing to the engine.
    finally, remove the bolts from the mounting feet on the generator itself.

    Please note: this is a one-bearing generator, the end that was unbolted from the engine needs to be supported while you are removing it from the chassis.
    work safe, always wear your safety glasses.

    Edward Heimbach