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advice on opening a welding center workshop.

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  • advice on opening a welding center workshop.

    advice on opening a welding center workshop.:
    hello, sorry for the question, a friend of mine welder blacksmith, given the time of crisis would like to open a welding center workshop, or buying used machinery would like to open a small metalworking workshop. owns an old garage of about 220 square meters with a large entrance gate and a wing of about 4 meters. he has portable tools, does not have professional equipment, knows how to use the parallel lathe, big drills and has some surface preparation as a milling machine. as a blacksmith is not bad. what do you think, how could you set up this workstation, what tools and machinery do you think are indispensable? thanks we look forward to suggestions and advice.

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    This is a business question more than an equipment one. Yes, there are a few things but I could load enough stuff in a common pickup truck to set up a simple shop. The skills are important and allows a guy to specialize to me some demand where making or saving money is the point. Is this a competitive area, whats the need, nothing beats being able to solve some problems for other business. Little bitty walk in stuff from public is ok if its not distracting from real contracting.
    As the cost of new machines go up it leaves a big spot for refurb and salvage, repairs. Its not just welding but need to know how to fix. I repair a job the other day all fugged up by someone could run a welder fine, just didnt work when they were done.
    A good share of the worlds mechanical problems are cause by working on it and not being put together again correctly.


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      There is a bit difference in career welders. I know a couple guys, dont know anything about it, are decent wire welders but do very well because they really good fabricators, the welding can be somewhat secondary, like farming or signs etc. Every once in a while there is a few guys very well trained in those industries but lots of part timers and good skills show up easily. I can tack sheet together but when I have to can roll in a ditch near upside down and weld up a pressure pipe or critical machine and structural in all kinds of butt hole spots. Dont always need that for building simple things.
      More than prep for big machines concentrate on hand and battery tools, doesnt all have to be top of the line these days, you can always get more better when you need to. When time becomes money buy it. I got a bud got a ton of stuff and the thing is it sucks a little to buy but once he gets a little juice back its cheaper than men. Allows him to do himself.


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        there would be space, the room is about 4.50 meters high, in the carriage door there would be an empty space 13 meters long, about 5 meters wide, a large 4-axle truck or an earth-moving machine would fit comfortably and there would still be space for maneuver above it would be installed a beam with a trolley and a monorail-type hoist that could be used as a crane, lifting 1000 kg. the boy has some notion of a parallel lathe of large jib drills, little expert in welding, welds with electrode stick, mag wire, little experience aluminum welding, could make gates grates small canopies small structures small portals small fences, the will would be there , there are few initial capital, the place would be there, but it should be adapted and renovated, installed water and electricity systems in accordance with the law, what do you think about suicide, or madness? as an idea. let me know. Click image for larger version

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          Ya, you really don't t need to be an expert to do some work. This is about as reasonable plan as we see here. The market us the thing, where are you?
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            in Italy, unfortunately, the great coronavirus crisis economic recession and too much bureaucracy and tax burden, we are harassed by taxes, bureaucracy is slow and cumbersome, to give you a license for a shop it takes biblical times, fuels have soared gas electricity , but we must not be discouraged and go ahead, with a small capital you should take the right welding machine, I think to start a classic 350 ampere static electrode stick, then a compressor, a metal cutting machine I think at least one that cuts 250 mm of useful cut, an acetylene oxy torch a large column drill, 2 old parallel lathes he picked them up by 2 hands they are 40n years old but they are still efficient, other things do not come to mind how you would set it up (maybe with used tools many are closing for bankruptcy choked by debts and taxes)? We do not have any ideas to get ideas, maybe if you kindly provided us with some suggestions some information on how to set up a right welding station, to earn some money and pull the day would be welcome, some innovative ideas to be able to carry on the construction unfortunately therefore earthmoving machinery buckets dump trucks dump trucks dump trucks are stopped, then the big construction companies all have the garage workshop with the construction site mechanic who acts as a welder and patches the buckets of the excavators and the flatbed of the trucks, agriculture is sinking, perhaps it is better not to make risky investments momentarily and wait for the calm after the storm. good suggestions are always welcome, thanks sorry for the inconvenience.


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              Who designed the A frame?