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New, need a bit of help.

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  • New, need a bit of help.

    Ok, so I just bought one of those cheap under 100 dollar amazon welders. I need to know if I can just plug it right into a standard 110 V outlet, or do I need to do something special. I am not sure how to read what the manual says since it is kind of vague. Thanks.

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    1. Every thread here is asking for help. Put the actual question in the subject line, please.

    2. How about quoting the exact language you are reading so we can help with what they mean by it? You could also link to the product you bought, and we'd be able to know exactly what you were dealing with.

    3. Just because it's cheap doesn't mean it's 110/120V. So without knowing more, we can't tell you what to power it with. Does it already have a plug on the end of the cord?


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      IF the nomenclature panel on unit states 110 or 120V and plug on line cord fits you receptical, I would venture to guess plug it in and go....
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