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  • Wanna buy a welder?

    I been getting a few questions about which welder. I found out everyone doesnt take my advice littoral or word for word, some of it in general and some go way beyond my expatations and do better than I ever thought of. My cousin ask me about welders, has a 2 car in the burbs, mows his own lawn, got a bunch of rv crap. Lives in the same area so to speak as another bud who always tryng to rescue something.
    So,,,,, if you need a welder they are great super value right out of the box new and shouild get whaty you need when you need it and the cost is minor in the grand scheme of things,,, and,,,, a new one designed just for this market beats a garage full of rescues most broke beyond usable, need investment etc.
    So the cousin about the same smarts as the other guy, maybe a pinch better with a little better raisin has the patience to ask first, inquires with me and could tell he might have read a little,,, takes a look and in a couple months finds a Hobart 140 has half a 2# roll ran thru it, full bottle and some guy wants the garage space back. 150$ Said he looked at a couple on his way and didnt buy as he doesnt want to be a saver or a rebuilder. No matter how cheap it is not going to drag it home.
    Some are so good but there is a place for new and this equipment cost today can often be rather irrelevent, even professional tools often recover cost in a single event or job,.
    I tend to look at it as a value added salesman more than a customer mainly because I am not in the market for a new mig. But cost is important and a huge factor so I am curious and look on the net along with answering a couple questions and the machine assumes I wanna buy a new red 180 and starts offering me up a bunch of best price in a bidding war. This wple p[ost is a brain fart and philosophical but its well worth noting the nature of some competive tools,,,, Snapon has went up all the time, but a basic same model welder from the same mfg cost the same as it did 25 years ago, maybe more. Its went a notch lower really to do the same work, now can buy a 200$ 150A dvi stick welder, cost half what the last AC buzzers cost in a box store 10 years ago. Really disposable, take 5 units to break even in 5 years and now lots of them in routine service that long and even better than they were 5 years ago. It was different when they were 60% the cost of a Miller but now well below 25% and they work with long warranty, If they run a year they are like free money after that.

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    So I was asked,,, how you like the 180. I have a really old one and got 1000 hrs on it.. I have ran a few other machines and tested some. I am a career welder but in the grand scheme of things dont know anything about it. Not really,,, I know there is volts and amps and the wire is the amps but get lost in the charts and its really cause I dont care. I might if I had a chance to start over, I would be a bit more acedemic, the learning curve not so hard and steep.
    Today I do like I mostly always done which is glue some steel pieces together when I have to, outside of here rarely think about it all a lot and to some extent dont notice it in the world around me unless there is some compelling reason,,, so,,,, which welder and how good are they and am I qualified to give an accurate opinion?

    The 180 is still made, identical including on how it welds. I should have my neighbor who has a blue 175 run my 180 with my settings,,, he has done it on other machines I own but nt this same class and same quality really. He is a bit better than I am maybe and probably knows more and I own this a long time so I compare every other machine to it. Maybe a variable V knob would help it I am not sure but if u ask if its good I gotta say yes, the guy tuned it was a welder and its beyond simple.


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      With 3 settings can get it perfect in the sense there is no "blind spot" on that unit and it only has a 5 speed. There is no reason to make it more adjustable with 030 C25. I only have used it marginally with other wire size.
      I bring this up on the Hobart forum for a reason that am asked as a comparison on occasion. I think very highly of that machine for a couple reasons, we ran it way beyond any hobby shop and then some, it works perfect, has needed a couple minor maintenance, oil the fan and a new switch which was reasonable and to be objective and fair,,,, it had a LOT of hrs Lot of use, its never nice when something breaks.
      Having said that,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, my great experience with that particular machine would not sway me off a Hobart. Its not as much of an opin on how good the Linc is but a verification as to how good the Hobart is. No one is sorry finding out they awoke with a new 210. Bout everone I ever know says they should have got it sooner.


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        Never heard anyone say they spent too much on a new Hobart and wished they wouldnt have got it.
        I think the technical term for this is pontification.
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