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Handler MVP 210 overheat light

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  • Handler MVP 210 overheat light

    Good afternoon.

    I recently purchased the MVP 210 and this is my first welder. Saturday I started the process of feeding the wire through the line to the torch handle. When I turned on the machine, the overheat light came on and stayed on and never went out. I turned it off and waited a substantial amount of time and the same thing happened. Today I went to try it out and the same thing happened. Is there a step I am missing somewhere. Thanks for any help for this newbie.

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    It's really rare one comes put of the box with a problem. It has happened though.


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      I would reach out to Hobart customer service and let them know what your issue is, they can walk you through some troubleshooting steps. (800) 626-9420


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        Update: I contacted tech support and he had me run through a couple of options, none of which worked. I then contacted the company I bought it from and initiated a return/exchange. I am sending the old machine back and they are sending me a new one and it has already shipped.

        Thank you for your responses.