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Jog Mode on the Hobart Multi-Handler 200

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  • Jog Mode on the Hobart Multi-Handler 200

    I recently purchased a new Hobart Multi-handler. I was reading the manual and it mentions wire jog mode when installing welding wire. Does wire jog mode just feed the wire and not run the gas? What exactly does jog mode do, and how do I set the machine to wire jog mode?


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    For some reason I can't access the manual to that one yet. Worst case, you don't lose enough gas to worry about it. Most of us have been changing out wire spools for decades without that feature.


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      Jog Mode is usually where the machines senses that there is no arc initiated and shuts off gas flow and also power to the wire.

      I'm not sure you can turn it off/on.

      If you release the gun trigger is just shuts off and you can weld as normal when you go to strike and arc.

      On my MM252:
      If the trigger on either gun is held for more than 3 seconds without striking an arc, the unit will automatically shut off weld power (and shielding gas output on MIG gun only), but will feed wire continuously at the preset wire feed speed (which may be faster or slower than Run−in Speed) until trigger is released.
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