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How can i buy used oil pipe from the drilling companies?

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  • How can i buy used oil pipe from the drilling companies?

    Hello everyone im trying to learn mote about getting ahold of materials at a better cost and used oil field pipe is all the buzz it seems but everyone around pensacola is selling it pretty high from the sounds of it from hearing people compare numbers so i trying to figure out the best or a viable way of possibly getting 2/3/8 and sucker etc straight from the source. Any one with any knowledge please and thank you

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    Have You tried craigslist?. I buy 2 3/8 occasionally and all the sellers of that material in my area use craigslist extensively. Its usually listed in the Farm & Garden and Materials category. If you don't see a listing anywhere on the site, just make a post that you are interested in purchasing some.
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      Are you looking for substantial amounts, or just enough for a small project? Big companies are not going to want to deal with small sales and ship direct.
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