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    Originally posted by farmersamm View Post
    ...The breaker heats up, and opens this circuit.

    A standard circuit breaker has a trip time. It's not instantaneous. During that lag time, a ground fault will make the enclosure hot. ...
    One thing to add is that modern breakers are both thermal and magnetic trip. Overloading a circuit will cause the temp rise that trips the breaker. The higher the current, the faster this happens.

    But under a dead short condition, the extremely high current (on the order of tens of thousands of amps) will cause a near instant magnetic trip of the breaker.


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      Originally posted by arko12
      That breaker out on the pole serves as the pathway to the power company. If it's overheated by a ground fault, it will open. Breaking the circuit, and clearing the fault...
      Ground faults trip magnetically, not thermally.

      EDIT: Never mind. This is a spam poster copying other posts. I flagged one in another thread. Maybe now that we have a Hobart Expert back, things will get cleaned up.
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