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    I'm burning through my material bad so I'd like some advice on settings. I have a Handler 190, welding on 14 gauge (.083" thick) 2" square tubing. Using a 75/25 Argon shielding gas. I switched over to .023" wire last night because all the video's I watched said the reason I'm burning through is because the .030" wire is too big. I had been welding on some .125" thick material with the .030" wire using the settings on the chart and the welds look ok. Unfortunately the chart does not have settings for 14 gauge.

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    Start at the 16-ga settings, as it's close enough for most purposes, but speaking of, what are you building? Does it NEED perfect penetration? If you have burn-through with the door chart settings, turn your wire speed down a bit. But mostly you just need practice to be able to stay ahead of or manipulate the puddle.

    Joint design matters greatly. If you are welding a mitered corner, that will be the most difficult, followed by a butt joint. Try lap joints and inside corner T-joints first.

    Also experiment with pushing the puddle with your angle-of-attack, instead of pulling it Pay attention to how different the puddle is. You can use either method when doing GMAW, so be familiar with the advantages of both.

    Also, don't be afraid to let off the trigger for a second, and then resume. On some joints, it's even okay to just stitch it together with a fast series of spot-welds. Yes, you can wear out the trigger on the cheap M10 guns, but it's fixable when you eventually do.
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      You should be able to weld 14g sheet metal with .030 solid wire with no problems. No reason to drop to smaller wire.
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        Originally posted by snoeproe View Post
        You should be able to weld 14g sheet metal with .030 solid wire with no problems. No reason to drop to smaller wire.

        I use .030 and we use a lot of 16g tube for various projects. Works great.

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          023 just looks so tiny.


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            IF you are burning through material drop down your voltage and wire speed.... There is a sweet spot in there somewhere, you have just not found it yet....

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