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WHERE have all the members gone from this forum?

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  • WHERE have all the members gone from this forum?

    I've been wondering for a while, WHERE is the best place on the net to talk welding nowadays? Its no secret all the forums have slowed down due to Facebook groups, but WHICH group is the best? Of all the welding groups I've tried, nothing compares to this message board, Shopfloortalk and the Miller forums, back when they were in their prime.
    Any suggestions? I need a good welding group!
    Thanks for any help.

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    Have you tried
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      The original forum or facebook group?


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        the forum
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          I check every day. All the posts are about wanting manuals for old machines, or something else I can't help with.


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            Weldingweb was once a great forum. There were several old timers who were extremely knowledgeable with Miller wire feeders and all sorts of other stuff too. I think one guys name was something like 7A749 or something to that affect. Does anyone know where these guys currently frequent to discuss welding etc? Like I said, I've noticed a steep decline in forum activity, and was hoping to still be able to reach out to some of these old timers from time to time.
            . Thanks for any help with this.


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              7A749 was a moderator on Welding Web, got a bad case of shingles, moved on from the WWeb bickering. I haven't been logged on to welding web in quite a while. Their active member count is down quite a bit, too. Some of the oldies kicked the bucket. Some aren't much for socializing and get to be antagonizing others. My friend, Cal Weld, a long time member on here, seems to be quite busy with work the past couple years. Works like a mule. He is good with layout and complicated agricultural equipment repairs and special purpose modifications.
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                "7A749" (Steve) isn't doing welder repairs these days. Doing some sort of metalwork and also building up his home machine shop. He's active on Facebook.

                Roy Webster (Wyoming, a.k.a WyoRoy) died 1/25/2016

                Mikecwik came to a tragic end (post 8):

                SundownIII ("Jay" Lewis) died August 17, 2016.

                "Vicegrip" just doesn't get on anymore, it seems. I talk with him on the phone a couple times a year.

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                  I haven't been on any forums for a while. Health is neither good or bad.