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Circular saw vs miter saw for aluminum

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  • Circular saw vs miter saw for aluminum

    I have 2 inch 1/4 inch thick aluminum square tubing I need to cut. I want to get a saw but dont know which one. What works better for cutting aluminum a circular saw or miter saw?

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    For safety reasons, the miter saw, because, you can clamp work to saw table and saw blade/motor is on a a rigid but movable frame and you stand less chance of binding blade in cut and causing damage to work, saw and injury to yourself.... Be sure to use good carbide tipped blade and go real slow, let bade do cut at its own speed, do not force it....

    Better tool would be band saw if you can work it out to access one.... If you are buying tool for just one project yeah, maybe miter saw, if you are going to do more metal work in future look into band saw, even harbor freight cheap on might be better....

    If I was looking for a universal tool to add to shop (doing semi production work) I would consider 14 inch cold cut chop saw.... But that is gettin up there in dollars..

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      I suggest miter saw. Because Miter saw is more safer to use.