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  • Heavy Duty Table Design Opinions

    I built a table at a car wash to support a water storage container which will hold roughly 200 gallons which is roughly 1700lbs.

    I used 1inch solid square bar for the legs and to connect the legs at the top.
    Simple design 4 legs and 4 connectors at the top. Plus one connector in the top center.

    Dimensions of the table are 4 feet high and each connector is 30inches.

    I also add for connectors to the legs at 2 feet high on the legs so the 4 legs are more stable. This will act as a shelf to put a small motor on top of. Motor Weight is roughly 300lbs.

    I had a shop Stick Weld the table.

    My questions are will the table support the weight without breaking either the welds or bend the steel itself? So far there are no issues but dont want issues later on. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

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    Can you attach a photograph of your table?