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new to wire welding , need advice!

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  • new to wire welding , need advice!

    Hello all! Im in northeastern Tennessee and I have only used a Lincoln wire welder a time or two and one of the cambell hausfield, wal mart special a few times. I have taught myself to use a small 110 volt stick welder and am fair with it but im looking to buy a descent 110 volt wire feed welder. I cant afford alot which is why im asking this question. The smaller Lincoln i used seemed beginner friendly but a bit expensive and i think it was 220, the cambell hausfield seemed cheap and not very beginner friendly. By beginner friendly i mean it seemed like it would be an easy welder to learn to use. I wanna use it for nothing over 1 inch thick probably never anything over 1/4 inch thick anyway my question is, is their a good 110 volt wire welder thats good for beginners to learn on yet at the same time a keeper for later use for less than 200.00 US and if so what is it please? I will probably only use it as a wire only welder if thats a factor in decideing, i did read about the century brands and have found a few on ebay, but not real sure about the models. Any advice would be great. Thanks!
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    Welcome Aboard....

    Personally I would recommend the HH 140... And its available in most places under $500....And its about the max for a 120V wire feed welder.... And thing less is well, less.... Sure you can buy el-cheepo brand but that is what you get...... Hobart, Miller (owned by same parent company as Hobart), Lincoln, ESAB and a couple of others all have good quality machines.... Just try to avoid some of the low end CHINESE made machines, BUT unfortunately those are most of what are in your $200 budget....

    As for materials, a 120 Volt machine of going to pretty well max out at 1/4 inch materials...IF you are going to consider 1 inch materials, I suggest you go to 240V stick.machine, and learn for prep joint correctly and proper procedures for multi-pass welds....

    Sure my comment is about getting the best, but I learned a long time ago the better the quality your tools the less time having to repair/adjust/modify them and the more time to devote to project.....Guess I am a tool snob.... I have had my HH140 for almost 6 years and have probably run 20+ pounds of wire through it and it has been absolutely problem free.....

    What to know about more about MIG welding...

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      I think a dead give-away on a cheap wire feed welder is the quality of the wire feed drive.