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    I'm not a welder but my grandson is (17yrs) and he comes home at night and his face is red under the eyes like sunburn. My guess is he's in a tight spot or maybe he can't use his helmet I don't know. I'm sure over time this can be hazardous. Can you offer some suggestions as to what he should do to protect himself? You would think there would be safety rules involved where he works, but we all know that doesn't happen until someone gets hurt.

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    I meant to say he's 17 yrs old.


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      Either use helmet or NOT WELD...... A high rated sun block with high SPF may help, but that is only short term, the danger over time is critical and may lead to terrible thing like skin cancer of other skin problems... Have you talked to him to see what the situation is?

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        Just found out about the issue yesterday but I will talk to him tonight. Thanks for the reply.


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          Especially on fair skin, UV rays need to be mitigated more than just a hood. Dark clothing and a bib on the bottom of the hood can lessen the reflected rays that come under the hood. Make certain he is wearing clear safety glasses under the hood. Even the clear ones stop UV from getting into your eyes.

          And depending on budgets and work conditions, there is this:

          One could also wear a thin ski-mask or balaclava under their hood.


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            likely UV getting under or behind the helmet


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              I'm thinking, it's been a 5 days. Skin should be peeling and healing? My thoughts however go to just what was the kid wearing? You don't get arc burns under the eyes unless your wearing glasses or goggles to weld? Chin, neck, ears, back of the neck, heck the bald spot? But under the eyes? I feel for the kid. I bet he tightened up like a snare drum. Rocky raccoon. Anyways, haven't heard much else and was wondering? Sometimes you have to experience something once to know you won't do it again? I'm sure that will be the case here.