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    Every year Virginia has a tax free weekend for school supplies and storm supplies; generators up to $1000. Tractor Supply had a Champion 7500/6750 watt electric start dual fuel on sale for $750. Changed my extension cord to an LP-14-30, fired it up and powered up my Hobart 210. Nice smooth arc. Now I can get welding again. It was too hard dragging the welder to within 25 feet of the dryer. On the other hand, picked up some 10-4 SJOOW and another LP-14-30 plug and made a cord to power the house. If it's sit in the dark with no hot coffee and wait for the food to spoil wheeling the generator to the house, opening the main breaker and back feeding isn't too much trouble. Did this three times in the old house with a 5500 watt machine; lost it in the divorce. BTW, I work with 15 kV systems at work and while 240 deserves respect, what I'm doing is safe; even have a 12 gauge ground wire to tie into the house ground/bonding block under the electric meter. First welding job will be a flip up handle for the welder cart like came with the generator.
    Stickmate LX AC/DC
    Big cheap (Chinese) Anvil
    Hand cranked coal forge
    Freon bottle propane forge
    HH 210 and bottle of C25