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Burn through at low setting...Hobart 190

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  • Burn through at low setting...Hobart 190

    I'm pretty new to all of this and am trying different materials and thicknesses. My machine spec says that for 16ga I should be at power 3 and speed 40. This burns through very quickly, and even at power 1 it almost burns through.

    How does one weld 16ga at the settings on the machine? Am I supposed to zoom across, or what to use the 3/40 settings that are recommended

    Gas is 75/25 at 20CFH.

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    Not an expert but from my experience with thin metal is to much stick out or an uneven gap and it will burn through even with a 100amp wire feed.


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      On really thin metals (car body panels) you don't run continuous bead, you do 10,000 tack welds that eventually fills all the gaps....

      Lives his life vicariously through his own self.


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        You didn't tell us what wire you are using. While 16-ga can be done with .045" (once that was the only wire I had available that day) it gets a lot easier as you start using smaller wires. I prefer .030" if I have a machine already spooled up with it, but will use .035" if that is already in the machine. It's even easier with .023" if you are just starting out.

        What Dale said. Just because you have the correct settings doesn't mean you just pull the trigger and "get 'er done."

        You react to what the molten puddle is doing. You'll learn how to stop and start to keep it going without burning through. Don't worry about wearing out the contactor on the machine.
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