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    Originally posted by MAC702 View Post
    If I read your source correctly (thank you very much for citing one) that's an OSHA standard, not a DOT regulation. It would not be a requirement for those of us that are not under OSHA's jurisdiction. I'm not under OSHA, and it doesn't bother me at all to transport them flat when I see fit. My gas supplier doesn't even mention it when I load and unload cylinders for exchange, either.
    Here in Houston I see lots of O2 cylinders being transported horizontally, both with and without regulators attached.


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      I keep tanks in my service truck in an enclosed box. I use a 80 from my pickup like it is. I cap the 80 and leave regs on in the box. The welder is covered and the face of it is thru the back of the box and can actually fit 4 torch bottles.
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        Originally posted by mike landrich View Post
        Why not call Ohio DOT or State Police and ask a Commercial Vehicle Enforcement officer?

        Good point also do you have to have a fuel gas transporter sign on four sides of that trailer?? Is another question to ask the ahj.
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          Probably not for a single set.


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            Hellinois also has a hard on for commercial vehicles, and others of such. It is not uncommon for a state trooper to write a BS citation. Theory is, most will just pay it instead of missing a day's pay. Sounds unbelievable, but they are so broke they are extorting $$$ any way they can.

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