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trailer tailgate/ramp lift assist

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  • trailer tailgate/ramp lift assist

    couple of months ago I was looking for plans to build a lift assist for a trailer ramp... finding little of any use, I started looking at commercial units and copying what I could...

    this one is what I came up with and it sure helps an old timer with the ramp/gate..

    My "project truck" has turned into 'garage art' !!!

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    Great job , well thought out , should help us old timers .
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      What did it cost?

      This looks just like something I could use and still have the fun of putting it together myself rather than buying one pre-made. Can you give me a rough idea of the cost of materials?


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        Hi Hunt

        I've got about 25 bucks a piece in the springs... 14 bucks for the rollers, 10 bucks for the cable...all the rest...tubing, hardware I already had (or found at work)... If you bought everything new you'd still come out better than buying off the market

        My "project truck" has turned into 'garage art' !!!


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          That is nice. Just about exactly like I made mine.

          Though this year I think I am going change my rollers and move the gate attach more towards the top of the gate. Get more assist.


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            Go to the nearest UHaul and look at there trailers, they are well designed . They have a utility with a v in the front for motorcyle tires. It uses a half of a leaf spring in the center of the gate down low under the trailer, I wish I had a picture but it's worth checking out cause it is quite simple and works great. just have to dial in which springs to use.


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              Looks good, If anyone is interested and doesn't want to build them.

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