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Wire STUCK in liner!

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  • Wire STUCK in liner!

    Okay gents...Its Sat. memorial day weekend and Im SMACK DAB in the middle of a BIG PROJECT.
    I ran out of wire in my HH 187. I was changing the spool, and a small piece of wire broke off and got stuck in the liner and I cant move it forward or back. Im trying to tap it through with some free wire, and its not moving.

    Has anyone here had this happen to them?
    If so, is there anything I can try to get it out?
    I pulled the liner from the casing...maybe a stiffer type of wire that I can get some force?

    Im dead in the water till Tues if I cant get this out when the weld shop opens up.

    Thanks in advance!


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    Not sure if TSC stores have liners in stock or if you can find one there, good/bad learning experience, I try to catch wire before it runs out if I can.


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      You're done for the weekend. Probably Monday too since it is a national holiday. Kick back, burn some meat on the grill and drink a toast to those that died to keep you safe.
      Two turn tables and a microphone.


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        I have kinked a liner and carefully restored it to working condition but not perfect. Used it for years after that. This wasn't hard only I played with wire a lot as a child. If nothing else works you can maybe kink liner just before end of wire and pull it out with pliers. Then restore liner to original shape using pliers.

        Less risky might be to cut 1 or 2 liner wraps at gun end and pull it out. This would work for my me because I cut them a little long.


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          So that's it then, Im basically done, cant back that little piece of wire outta there?
          I kinda figured that, but hoped there was something that could be done that I wasnt thinking of.

          Ah well. Tons of other work that I could do in lieu of my roll cage.

          Thanks for the input


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            I've been fortunate to never have this happen to me...but just so I can be extra did it happen? At the input end or the nozzle end? Had you cut that end with diagonal cutters, etc.?

            I'm really curious how small piece broke off...tell us more! (Share your grief with your friends!!)
            "Good Enough Never Is"


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              Quite honestly I dont know....
              Ya know how when the spool runs out, you get no feed (obviously) and you can pull on the fragment at the end of the gun? Well, historically, Ive been able to re thread the new wire behind the old wire so as not to waste...sometimes I can get it to work, and sometimes not. Worst that has happened is I pull the excess wire, run the new stuff through and I keep welding...It seems such a SHAME to waste that 10ft of wire, right?
              Well, what I am guessing happened was when the spool ran dry there was a weak point or kink in the old wire that allowed a fragment for break off and when I threaded the new wire in it pushed it in and got lodged.
              So, the fragment is at the feed end of the liner about 4-6 in, in.
              So in efforts to save myself a few cents on some wasted wire...
              Im a CHEAP A$$ MO FO, what can I say. Lesson learned.


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                Ya not a good way to rethread your wire. for the tiny amount of money that ten feet is worth its not worth jamming things up as you have learned. I use to keep my ends around for others uses. Try that if you just can't seem to throw it in you scrap bin.


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                  Sense I have a spare liner I have never needed it.

                  I have kept a little left over wire around and found it isn't good for anything other than welding. To thin and stiff for most use. Breaks if you bend it twice.


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                    I F*CKING GOT IT!
                    I can NOT FAWKING BELIEVE IT, but I GOT IT OUT!
                    Its a bit of a trick of course.
                    I picked it up again this morning after having put it away last night and found that the fragment had dis lodged a bit and allowed for more movement. So I just kept running the free wire down till it'd stick, then manipulate the end and tap it with my pliers, work it till it stuck and just repeated this process. There was a 2 in fragment that had a kink in it that bound it up.
                    In total it was about 2 hours of F ing around.

                    SOOOOO....if this ever happens to you, just keep working it.

                    SOOOOOO FRIGGIN STOKED!
                    I put the liner back in, ran the wire through and good to go!


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                      After listening to your "fix" did anyone else have the Hokey Pokey pop up in their thoughts?
                      Two turn tables and a microphone.


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                        Originally posted by Pangea View Post
                        After listening to your "fix" did anyone else have the Hokey Pokey pop up in their thoughts?
                        yup me too


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                          Good for you, It would have never occurred to me to try to save wire feeding another one behind it though, you are lucky and are learning there are places that saving a nickle costs hours. There also is a point a grinding wheel worn so far is counterproductive too.


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                            When a carbide tip concrete drill takes excess pressure to keep drilling and 1 inch breaks off, it is well past time to replace and too late sharpen.


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                              Originally posted by Pangea View Post
                              After listening to your "fix" did anyone else have the Hokey Pokey pop up in their thoughts?

                              Didnt quite get it, but its funny anyway!