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  • Shielding Gas Help!

    I wouldn't say I'm a newbie, but I'm definitely not a professional welder. I'm working on a smoker (pretty cool one, actually), and I am running out of gas. I am MIG welding and don't want to switch to Flux Core, but the only other gas I have is straight Argon.

    My question is this can I MIG weld with 70S-6 and straight Argon on mild steel? Remember, this isn't structural. From what I've read, I'm just not going to get the best penetration with straight Argon. Is this correct?

    Let me know. Thanks.


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    Argon will work in a pinch it makes a taller bead. But i wouldn't use it everyday...Bob
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      If you're not prepared to use a proper gas, then switch to fluxcore.

      Straight argon will produce a lousy weld with that smaller mig.

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        Both Bob and Sundown are try it, and judge for yourself...that's the only way you will know for sure.