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    Does anybody know if i can attache a Tig to my Hobart ironman 275 mig.

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    No. An Ironman is a Constant-Voltage power supply. TIG uses a Constant-Current source. There'll undoubtedly be some contrary soul come along soon to post about how his wifes' cousin's best friend did it in 1982, but the short answer is "no."
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      a TIG torch can be conected to a DC stick welder for DC Tig welding
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        Originally posted by metalmeltr View Post
        a TIG torch can be conected to a DC stick welder for DC Tig welding
        Don't confuse the issue- he asked about a MIG machine
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          Now don't scream at me, Broccoli(joke), I know what Rally asked for, but if what he is ultimately looking for is any cheap way to have some TIG capability, he might find an old buzz-box for under $150 with the TIG attachment that used to be sold as accessories for same. These were nothing to shout about, Rally, because they had no foot control, but sometimes we just have to work with cheap stuff. I don't know if you're new to welding, so allow me to say that a buzz-box is a simple transformer welder, AC only, which means you can use it for TIG-welding aluminum or magnesium, but not stainless (and of course you might be able to stick weld some things that are too thick for your MIG machine).

          edit: Maybe you can TIG weld stainless with AC, but I've not done it. The others will shortly set me straight on this . . . .
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            Thanks Guys

            I Have bieng around welding for many years 30. See i do not have a tig at home.My best bet is to buy a new on or wait for a good deal if anybody haves one out there at a decent price im willing to deal. This is a hobby, at home see my picks for what i do every day and i love it.
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