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Anybody know about these machines?

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  • Anybody know about these machines?

    Looks like some of them might be a good deal for the price...

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    Same old Chinese stuff, different name.
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      china junk


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        Mixed reviews

        The prices are so attractive that people keep looking at these units that are built in China. If you read enough reviews by people who have actually purchased and used them, you get mixed reviews ranging from junk to excellent value. One of the regular posters on this site has used a Riland plasma cutter for several years now, and I have read many posts of his that are very positive. I do not condemn the units because they are built in China; I remember a time when the same was said of Japanese products before we realized how far behind them we were and still are in production quality. I recommend you research carefully if you are still interested. The Riland name seems to generally be considered the leader of the pack, but the stories of customer support given by the longevity site makes them look attractive at those prices. I don't sell any welding products of any make, and I make no recommendations. Like you I have been looking at those attractive prices, and I have read a lot of reviews by users. Frankly the bad reviews make me nervous about buying Chinese, but the price of the others (US brands) seems out of line also. Good luck with the choice.


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          Buyer Beware

          On another welding board WeldingWeb both Everlast and Longeviety have bought and paid for a forum for each of them. They have the ability to edit and change any posting within their group They routinely edit out any complaints or problems and they also give their new customers discounts to come on their site and write reviews. Anything bad is edited out. Buyer be very aware.



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            I am a member of other welding sites and and have read many bad reviews about them. What really gets me is what Charlie says. I know that it is true because I have seen it. But I still have a hard time believing that a companies ethics and standard is so low that they have to edit and delete the bad posts and reviews. They have poor quality control and many machines are DOA. I have seen maybe 1 good review for about every 14 bad reviews. And most of the people that think these machines are wonderful and are perfect, have never welded before and this is there first machine, so what I am getting at is these people dont know jack sh!t when it comes to a good machine because of the fact they have no other machine to compare it to.

            You can risk it and try one, but remember that you always get what you pay for. If it were me I would spend the extra money and get a hobart, lincoln, or miller. These three are always going to be good machines and they will be around if you have trouble. Some like thermal arc, but I have never used one so I can say on that.

            o ya see my sig line because I pulled that line from scab and he was talking about cheap crappy welders.
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            Originally posted by scab
            If you are the type of person who gets upset at things breaking brace yourself for possible dissappointment.


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              Thanks for the replies. I guess if it looks too good to be true, it ain't!


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                The truth is hard to know

                The truth is hard to know on this subject. I have read few negative reviews by owners of the Riland brand. Non-owners, interestingly, slam all the Chinese brands pretty hard. I am still leery but considering buying a Chinese (Riland) plasma cutter due to some of the owner reviews I have read on this forum which as far as I know is not controlled by any Chinese company. You might PM Hotfoot about his Riland Plasma cutter if you want the opinion of someone with experience using one of these machines. The most interesting phenomenon I have found in researching the Chinese brands is the tendency of people who have not bought and used them to have such clear cut negative opinions about them.