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decent setup under $600.

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  • decent setup under $600.

    Im just wondering what way to go and what equipment to use for under $600?

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    To do what?? Weld? Cut? Sheetmetal, Heavy steel?...tell us more!

    For a good small, 100volt MIG welder in that price range, the HH140 is my recommendation. You may find a used one, or factory refurbish "A" grade (check Tool King). You'll want a gas cylinder, so consider renting one if you can find deals like my local mom & pop welding supply, $5.00 a month, no lease, no deposit, only pay gas...that way you can wait for a used on to come up on Craigslist, or save towards anew cylinder...or work it into a package deal with the welder...etc.
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      HH140 is the way to go for your price range. I love mine.
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        Watch for sales on the HH187 at Tractor Supply. Although their price went up recently, I was able to purchase my HH187 for 539.99 plus tax&shipping. Best deal!