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  • Filling gaps

    I see in the muffler shops, welding is done to allow large gaps to be filled with the rod. The bead formed can be quite large and thick.

    Is there an alternative means available to fill a rather large gap, about 1/4" - 3/8" , using a mig welder? I thought possibly the largest wire my machine can handle combined with a low power setting might work.

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    Sure you can squirt some metal into a wide gap and to you it might look like a good weld. Problem is it is likely to only lay on top of base metal on at least one side with out really fusing with the base metal.

    Cut into the tube with shears at end of outer tube at 4 or move points so you can clamp or beat outer tube into contact with inner tube. Them weld outer tube to inner tube. Weld your cuts in outer tube also. Another way is have muffler shop make good fitting slip connection with tube expander on their tube bender.


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      Do you mean like when a 2" tube is slipped over a 1.5" tube? Or do you mean like when trying to make a slight bend?

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