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  • Grinding booth?

    I do metal sculpture and end up doing a lot of grinding. My shop is in my basement and the grinding dust is easily swept up from the floor but it gets on everything else (including my lungs).

    Has anyone here built a filtered grinding booth or cabinet? I was thinking of an enclosure maybe 2 feet cubed, open on one side, with a vise mounted in it and either vented to the outside using my vent system or (preferably, due to the location of the vent system) using a couple furnace filters and a fan.

    Any suggestions?
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    I have seen some setups online that use kinda like a range hood like over the top of your stove? If you are thinking of making a booth 2x2 the fab a range hood out of sheet metal and attach duct like furnace duct to your vent system then maybe the location of the vent system could be reached by ductwork? Hope this helps..
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      There are some that use a high volume fan and filter set up. For a large area, or you can set up adjustable, movable intake on a shop vac and have it placed near the grinding action like in some of the fume extractors used for process and welding. Of course, with the fan and filter exhaust set up you will have to remember that you will have to have a source of replacement air coming into the room/area.

      I did the furnace blower fan housing with filters on a paint both in the basement and exhaust through a old dryer vent. Was shooting acrylic water based paint through a touch up spray gun at a lower pressure. But it did suck the fumes/smell and over spray/mist into the booth and out.

      The biggest thing will be the filter media you use not catching fire mostly the cardboard edging from heavy showers of sparks. Some of the real cheap micro filters look to be spun pressed paper type material and not the fiberglass material of old.
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        There is a downdraft type.

        Or if you want to get really fancy:

        Here's one that someone made for sanding wood, but you can see the idea. I note that he used regular furnace filters plus a 3M Filtrete filter. I just put a Filtrete in my furnace - it was $35. Ouch.
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          You could make one of those starting with an old (free!) larger BBQ grille!

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            Meincer, I think your on the right track. As others have mentioned you have to watch the catching fire issue. You'll need several metal screens in fron tof the filters to break up the sparks. See if you can find someone in the heating airconditioning trade. They can probably give you for free most of the items you need. High volume blower, sheet metal etc. from a trashed unit. If you are going to exhaust the air outside you have to bring in a tremendous volume of air. That volume will bring your air temp down/up to what it is outside. If you are not going to exhaust the air you are going to have a tremendous volume of turbulant air in your room which WILL definitley interfere with the draft of your unit and the grinding stench will still be in the air. Its a catch 22 situation at best. Good luck and keep us posted. Kurt.


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              Yep, if you can get several layers of metal screen and some diverting baffling in between the intake and the filters you'd have much less risk of fire. Interesting project. You could probably use the sheet metal from an old washer or similar appliance to good advantage.
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                Originally posted by Hotfoot View Post
                You could make one of those starting with an old (free!) larger BBQ grille!

                you always have a creative mind.
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                  Get yourself a wood dust collector, remove the chip bag and attach an additional hose that you can vent to the outside. A back splash hood/shield would help confine the area the dust and any sparks go to but restrict your work area.

                  Mine works great for fume removal as well. Of course you will have to have some sort of intake for the air volume replacment if you're in a closed area.
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                    How about this? There is a common fiberglass furnace filter in the ceiling of it.


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                      You could easily make it downdraft, hadn't really considered it because we use it mostly for welding but it could work as could a version of this. I have put filters right behind a chop saw, with a simple baffle or screen they wont catch fire.


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                        Here is a thread on a down draft bench a guy made to work on cylinder heads. Last I heard is that it works great. Best part is that it's within budget anyone with some basic tools and skills.

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