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I've got a couple of questions??

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  • I've got a couple of questions??

    First, what can I use to stop the fogging up of the cheater lenses that I have in my welding helmet. I'm learning how to use a Linde Mig 35 with some 3/16 wire at the "learnning center" (which by the way is not heated), I tried breathing through my nose and exhaling in the downward position using my mouth, the lens stills fogs up any chemicals I can use? I'm also using some generic anti-fog/anti-static that don't work....

    Second, any of you people use the 3M bristle disk, you know the YELLOW,GREEN,WHITE & BROWN. I see that are costly and can't them anywhere. Here, in Portland,OR, I got to search high and low, it's like Lowes or Home depot carries that kind of disk, anyway I just need how well they work as opposed to flapper disks...

    thank for all the imput, that you have given me so far

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    I use

    I use a bit of Ivory soap. Just a thin run across with the corner of the bar and then polish it with a paper towel or tissue. Lasts about a week for me.


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      I try to breath by exhailing down...If its cold, your going to fog up...They make anti-fogging sprays, I have tried the soap thing too...spit always worked well with my snorkal set...but what has always worked for me was tring to exhale by breathing down my face so do not exhale toward my lense...If you do find something that works...let us know


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        What's a cheater lens, some type of magnifier?


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          I believe Scuba Divers used to use chewing tobacco juice they would wipe on, then polish off.
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            Wal Mart sells some stuff in a 7oz. bottle called "Fog Block" that is used for windows and mirrors. I've used it on the visor off my full faced motorcycle helmet for riding on cold mornings. It works well but it only lasts about 1 week before it needs to be re applied.


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              I use a heat source to warm/dry my shield before using it first. Like heating metal, you will see the wet appear, then dry up.
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                Originally posted by Brianstick View Post
                What's a cheater lens, some type of magnifier?
                Yes, they're the same size as a small window hood; 2 x 4 1/4" IIRC. They're available in diopters, just like reading glasses. Available at most LWS.
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                  I use a product made for skiers. It's called 'Cat Crap'. Really, that is the name of it! Comes in a small tin. Works real well.

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                    Originally posted by Hotfoot View Post
                    I believe Scuba Divers used to use chewing tobacco juice they would wipe on, then polish off.
                    Nope. They spit on the lens. supposed to prevent fogging.


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                      You should really stay away from cheaters, if you need prescription glasses wear them under your helmet, if you do not need them, a cheater, can do damage to your eyes, I know there are fifty arguments about this subject, what I always point out, " if you need the cheater to weld, you need it to grind. wear your prescription glasses!!!"

                      On a side note, slipping a 3X cheater into someone elses helmet, is a cute joke, people wonder why they are all of a sudden welding with a tree trunk sized electrode