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  • Cold weather clothing

    I was wondering what you guys wear to weld in the winter? Its been getting colder here and the wind is picking up, I have been wearing my carhartt bibs but im worried about burning holes in them. am I just being to **** about it because it is just clothes anyway, any thoughts?

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    Carhartts were made to be worn in the weather. The more you usethem the better they feel. Holes in clothes are kinda like scars on guys in my opinion. I wish I had more reasons to wear mine. Hope this helps. LOL
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      haha yeah I get you.


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        You could throw a leather apron on over them.
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          Just watch the spatter on the zipper. I learned a long time ago that a velcro strip to keep the flap tight keeps spatter out so I can open the zipper when I need to drain the ballast tank, so to speak.
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            Carhartt and Bulwark both make flame resistant and retardant work wear. You'll pay for it though. Here's a link for one source:
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              I feel your pain....

              Yes I do... It got down to almost 50 last night and we had to change to Big Boy pants instead of the usual shorts! Got some splatter on my bare knee yesterday as well. My goodness that was HOT!

              Today it's back to shorts and t-shirt weather - about 85 here in SoCA (AKA: God's Country)
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                haha well its about 16 here without wind chill


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                  Well, it's -16F on it's way down to -21F.

                  But I just weld in my normal work gear.

                  In my nice, heated garage workshop where it's 50F all winter long.